Coming up at CLC…

Thursday, April 18th – 
Maundy Thursday
P. Katherine  Morning Meditations on KDUZ @ 8:50am
GlenFields Living with Care Worship
with Holy Communion @ 9:30am
with Holy Communion @ 1:30pm & 7:00pm

Friday, April 19th – 
Good Friday
Pr. Katherine  Morning Meditations on KDUZ @ 8:50am
NO Women’s Bible Study
Gathering @ Oscar Olson Park
@ 11:30am and walk to Grand Meadows
Grand Meadows Service @ 12:00pm
Cross transported to GlenFields Living with Care.
GlenFields Living with Care Service @ 12:40pm
Good Friday Worship @ 7:00pm
Saturday, April 20th
Easter Breakfast Set-Up @ 8:00am
Easter Sunrise Worship Practice @ 9:00am
Sunday, April 21st – Easter Sunday
Easter Sunrise Worship Service
with Holy Communion @ 6:30am
Easter Breakfast follows Worship
and will be served until 8:45am
Traditional Easter Worship Service
with Holy Communion @ 9:00am
John Ryan MulQueeny Baptism
NO Sunday School
NO Adult Education

Monday, April 22nd
Televised Worship Service @ 3:00pm on Channel 10

Tuesday, April 23rd
Ladies Fellowship @ 10:00am @ Gert & Erma’s

Wednesday, April 24th
Men’s Bible Study
@ 8:00am in the Fellowship Hall
Naomi Circle
@ 9:30am in the Grand Meadows Great Room
Televised Worship Service @ 2:00pm on Channel 10
Mentor Wrap-up @ 5:30pm
following the Mentor Wrap-up until 7:00pm
No Bells
Choir at 6:15pm
Worship Service @ 7:00pm

Thursday, April 25th
Columbarium Committee
@ 9:30am in the Conference Room
April Birthday Party
@ GlenFields Living with Care @ 2:30pm

Friday, April 26th
Women’s Bible Study @ 10:00am

Sunday, April 28th
Worship Service @ 9:00am
Sunday School @ 10:10am
Adult Education @ 10:15am