Coming up at CLC…

Saturday, Dec. 10th
Choir Practice @ 8:30am
4H Christmas Party @ 12/Noon

Sunday, Dec. 11th
Choir Cantata @ 9am Worship Service
Pictures of Ministry Teams & Choir after Worship
Sunday School @ 10:10am
Holiday Remembrance Service @ 1pm
Sponsored by Hantge/McBrides
Monday, Dec. 12th
Televised Worship Service @ 3pm on Channel 10
Tuesday, Dec. 13th
Ladies Fellowship @ 10am @ Gert & Erma’s
P. Katherine @ P 2 P during the morning.
Worship Team Meeting @ 6pm
Nominating Committee Meeting @ 6pm
Sarah Circle @ 7pm @ Marilyn Ueland’s Home 

Wednesday, Dec. 14th
Men’s Bible Study @ 8am
Televised Worship @ 2pm on Channel 10
Grace Unlimited @ 3:15pm
Bells @ 5:15
Confirmation @ 5:30pm
Fellowship Team Meeting @ 6pm
Choir @ 6:15pm
Advent Worship Service @ 7pm
Church Council @ 8pm
Thursday, Dec. 15th
Naomi Circle @ 9am @ Grand Meadows
LTC Worship Service @ 9:30am
Partnership Meeting @ 6pm @ CLC
Saturday, Dec. 17th
SS Christmas Worship Service Practice @ 9am
Sunday, Dec. 18th
SS Christmas Worship Service @ 9am
Appreciation Brunch following Worship
Hosted by Pr. Katherine & Les Rood
NO Sunday School
NO Adult Education
Grand Meadows Worship Service @ 1:30pm