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Taking Faith Home: What is it?

A cross+generational faith formation tool that we will be using at CLC during 2018 to help supplement our Sunday School curriculum. It is based on the Revised Common Lectionary and will coincide with the lessons the students are hearing each week during the Worship Service. It includes a weekly prayer, Bible verse, mealtime prayer and blessing. 


Taking Faith Home: Who is it for?

EVERYONE! Adults tend to use the daily Bible readings, keep in mind few do it without fail and one day is better than none and two is better than one. Parents and grandparents use the weekly blessings and mealtime prayers with their children. Sometimes they even ad the weekly prayer at bedtime. Children can use the bible verse, conversations, devotions and blessings. Couples, parents and teens can use the Caring Conversations to bond relationships in faith. Most everyone can look and wonder how to use something from Devotions during the week.